dinosaur museum

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One of the most awesome places we visited! Thanks so much! – Austin, Texas

3rd time here and learned more in one visit than all prior visits to any museum including Smithsonian in DC. – Littleton, CO

Very informative and loved being able to see work being done in the lab. We will send all family and friends here. – Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

Steven was the best tour guide! My 7 year old son wants to be a paleontologist and Steven was very patient with all of his questions and very knowledgeable. I would recommend this to anyone interested in learning more about real paleontology.  – St., Louis, MO.

Brought great grandchild. She was as fascinated as her mother and me her 83 year old grandma. Lindsey was great with the kids . She described a lot of information for them.   Pueblo West, CO.

Great tour guides! Great story here! Wonderful exhibits and displays. Really learned a lot and we will be back. Robert is a fabulouos story teller and our guides were very knowledgeable and entertaining. Thanks!  –  Colorado Springs, CO.

Superb tour. My children really like the kids area and hands on displays. Joe did a great job of answering my questions and he was patient with my children and their questions. Thank you!! – Jason from Pennsylvania

Geri was/is a wonderful tour guide and shared so much info. She is great! Ceri from Wisconsin

It is a great place. Our son loves dinosaurs and this is where he wanted to come for his birthday. – Lorena from Johnson City, KS.

Great Tour! Loved that Joe geared the tour toward the age of the kids in our group. Very informative! Thank you for including this in the price of admission. – Austin, TX

Crystal was great! Very knowledgeable, funny, patient with all questions and all around entertaining. Would definitely recommend her to others. – Westcliffe, CO

We came to visit with our 6 year old foster granddaughter. Being from the DC area we had high expectations because of the park service tours. Your tour guide Lindi exceeded our expectations by first giving a hands on story time and then an exciting and very informative tour. She made our trip to Colorado such a great experience. Thank you so much.  –  John from Maryland.

My family from Ukraine LOVES it! Thank you!! – Iryna from Colorado Springs.

Came because we needed a mini day activity. Will definitely bring visiting guests regardless of weather! – Colorado Springs, CO.

Excellent experience with 16 month old and 3-1/2 year old children. Both facility and staff are outstanding. Will definately be back again!  –  Cil from Alabama.

This is a wonderful museum!  Our tour guide was very knowledgeable and it is neat to see the perspective of the research, casting and business side of dinosaur skeletons.  I particularly enjoyed the marine reptiles.  I can’t wait to come back! – Kirstin – Denver, CO

This is the best dinosaur museum ever. – Braxton

I’m from DC – Your facility is small compared to the Smithsonian, but it is just as nice.  Well done! – Washington, DC

My 4 year old is obsessed with dinosaurs so of course we had to stop.  He absolutely loved it!!!               -Rebecca – New Jersey

Saw newspaper story about new species found.  My son is interested in possibly becoming a paleontologist and Stephen gave us a wonderful tour & advice on things to do before he gets to college. – Brian – McPherson, KS

Stephen was very good, very informative, took time to explain complicated material in easy to understand language.  Thank you. – David – Colorado

Wonderful presentation, LOVED it! – Deborah – Colorado

Thank you Lindi.  Museum is amazing, wonderful. – Michele

It was awesome visiting the museum.  You guys are awesome.  What is your favorite dinosaur? –  Kiern –  Bullhead City, AZ

Very interesting – guide patient, friendly and full of knowledge.  7 year old grandson was thrilled with attention of guide to questions. – Patty – Sedalia, CO

Very informative & enjoyable.  Enjoyed our talk with guide – fun & interesting. – Ohio

Lindi lead a great tour.   She really accommodated all the kids in the group & engaged them-they were so excited.  This was the best museum we have ever been to!  Thank you. – Littleton, CO

Geri was very knowledgeable & provided awesome facts & info at children and adult levels.  It’s great to see passion.  My son is enthusiastic about fossils and dinosaurs and loved this visit.  Thanks so much!          Marilyn – Kansas City, MO

Very educational, loved seeing all dinos and marine animals, learned a lot and so did my kids. – Terah – Texas

Great tour and tour guide.  Very interesting and very informative.  I would suggest a visit here for others. – Hutchinson, KS

Very interesting tour for all ages.  So glad we took the time.  So much knowledge & passion – he made me want to go through again.

Awesome, so much to see.  Could stay all day. – Nebraska

Best tour ever!! We have come here every year for the last 11 years.  Love it!! – Florida

Excellent tour 7 excellent guide.  My 2 grandsons & I learned so much.  My grandson Lucas said he learned more than he wanted to.  That is a good testimony. Thank you! – Charlene – Pueblo

Very good tour.  Fun, friendly.  Great for children and adults. Would do it again. – Van – Pueblo

We came here on a whim after seeing it on the way to Mueller Park.  We are very glad we stopped, it’s quite impressive!  Thanks! – Kama – Kansas City

Oh my  god it was so freaking cool.  Hands down would do it again.  Everything was fascinating. – California

Literally the coolest thing EVER!  I couldn’t breathe I was so excited!!!  Super knowledgeable, very friendly, will DEFINITELY be back!!!  SO AWESOME! – Cecilia – California

Best dinosaur exhibit I’ve ever seen.  Made me feel like a kid again.  I’m 21. – Christopher – CA


Best dinos, best tour, best tour guide, best sea creatures & reptiles!!! – Gina

Wow!  Great tour, very informative. My new favorite museum. – Littleton, CO

        Very interesting exhibit.  We’ve never been able to see people working on the bones.  Thanks!                          – Seth & Asia – Texas

Crystal was a really good, funny tour guide and she told alot of things I didn’t know about dinosaurs.  She was the most awesomest terrific tour guide and I would love to come back again. – Texas

Tour was fabulous!  We’ll be recommending this museum to anyone coming out here! – Minnesota

Stephen was AMAZING very informative – Loved him. – Fayetteville, AR

Our tour guide was excellent!  Not only was he full of information, he was very entertaining.  Thank you, Eric! – Kansas

The best place ever.  I love the dino bones.  Eric was great.

Sage did a great job with my boys (3 & 5) and all of the kids in our group.  We would definitely come back again!  Great displays, lots of info and well worth the $$! – Kathleen – Arizona

Wonderful tour.  Loved it.  Very worth driving to. – Linda – New Orleans, LA

Thank you Geri!  You were so knowledgeable!  And thank you for engaging our kids with questions and allowing them some hands on.  We will be back!  There’s plenty to learn here. – Joanne

This was an Awesome tour!  So much valuable info especially for our geology class!  Thank you!                  Becky – CSU Pueblo

We really enjoyed our tour.  We learned a lot about the ocean exhibit.  We enjoyed the hands on exhibits.  All of it was wonderful.  Thank you for a great experience. – Tawnie – Denver, CO

Tour was great. I love it when the tour guide can speak intelligently on the subject matter at hand!!  Thank you Geri! We will be back! – Jeffrey

Very interesting & inclusive for children – Geri explained everything in terms kids understand.  She asked and answered all of their questions. So glad we came. – New Jersey & Pennsylvania

Wonderful, informative tour.  Eric kept the little kids attention which is amazing.  Fascinating and well worth the money. – Lynda – Colorado Springs & Fort Worth, Texas

Best tour I have had in any museum – keep her! – Canyon Lake, Texas

It was well presented and packed with fun facts.  I like Crystal’s guided tour!  Great exhibits!                                  – Holly – Toronto, Canada

The tour was very informative and fun.  Seeing all the different species was mind-boggling.  Thank you.             – Kevin – Ohio

Great tour!  Great museum!  Educational and fun. – New Hampshire

Love the center!!! – Jaclyn – Oklahoma

Our students has a wonderful time and your staff was very knowledgeable.   Great presentations!                          – Micah -D11 – Colorado Springs

Fascinating exhibits & tour!  Stephen was a delight, informative and very responsive to our many questions.  Loved seeing actual paleontologists working in a real lab. – Thomas – Atlanta

Our tour guide, Lindi, did an exceptional job presenting the dinosaurs as well as the process to uncover and research them.  The tour was fun for us and our 2 1/2 year old.  Thank you! – Brad – Colorado

One of our favorite stops during our stay in Colorado Springs.  My 4 year old daughter, love this! – Toni – New York

Great tour! Came with my family, very educational, informative, interesting.  Eric was great, surpassed our expectations.  Thank you so much! – Hawaii

Great tour we loved it!  First dino museum the kids were amazed about the dinos actual size and watching the employees work in the back(lab). – Jeff – Syracuse, New York

Stephen was an outstanding guide and party facilitator.  He made the party of 20+ people extremely enjoyable for both kids and adults.  All guests commented on how great Stephen was. – Kevin – Colorado

Astonishing!  A wonderful educational resource, and a delight.  Worth multiple visits.  We will be telling all our friends and coming back with others in our family. – Buddy – Colorado

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE – My boys favorite thing on vacation! – Tammy – Wyoming

Very nice all the way around, from what’s displayed to the information on the tour. – Jeffrey – Utica, KS

This place is fantastic, but we never would have known just how special without Lindi (tour guide).  The fossils are great, but she is irreplaceable.  We’ll be back with our friends often.  Highlight of our trip so far. – John & Laurie – Conifer, CO

We come every year and love you guys!  Thanks so much. – Julie

This was a great tour and that’s saying something, as I work at a dino museum. – Wes

Stephen was a terrific guide and interesting, answering all our questions truthfully and showing my young nephew (dino expert) respect for his age and knowledge. – Bill

I’m so happy.  Had the best time ever.  Coming back soon. – Daylon

Great tour!  Stephen engaged the four of us throughout, 2 adults and 2 kids ages 6 & 8.  Answered all of our questions!!  We appreciated both his passion and experience. – Dave & Leah – Cambridge, Ontario, Canada

Geri was fantastic.  She really kept our attention.  My two children were able to understand what she was teaching us.  We all really enjoyed the museum & Geri. – Home school field trip

Lindi was a fabulous tour guide; she gave a fascinating tour and history of this Dinosaur Resource Center! – Renee – Maryland

         Awesome exhibits and views of the paleontologist lab!  My daughter loves dinosaurs and this was a great experience!         Lindsay – Colorado Springs.

Very bright, interesting, informative, interactive AMAZING!  We will be back! – Paula – Missouri

Best money I spent on the entire trip.  Fantastic guide.  Thank you for a wonderful day. – North Carolina

Very good guide, tour was very interesting & entertaining.  Just the right amount of technicality. – St. Louis, MO

I loved the videos. Love, love, love it:) Totally working here one day. – Ellen – San Diego, CA

Fascinating.  An excellent place.  Ranks above any dino museum I’ve seen. – Nancy

By far our best natural history experience ever and I look for these!  Had no idea you were here until our nearby Chapita Park hosts recommended it.  Stephens energy & knowledge were phenomenal – best guide EVER!  Thank you!  I’ll be telling everyone I know. – Laura – Boulder, CO

Really enjoyed presentation!  Good communicating info and answering questions.  Made me want to invite others to come :) – Farmington, NM

Great tour!  Guide was informative & knew a lot about the subject matter.  I’d definitely recommend this! – Denver, CO

Very informative, very friendly enjoyed very much made me want to learn more about everything. – Nick – Denver, CO

Neat!  Educational – got more tidbits of info than at some larger museums.  Kids loved it! – Denver, CO

What a wonderful tour, so much information, we had a wonderful time.  Thank you Lindi. – Lisa – Colo Springs, CO

One of the best times I’ve ever had. – Savannah

Rock on! – Seth

WOW!!  Where can I get your rad uniforms? – Elissa – New Jersey

Thank you for putting up with us!  Great tour!  The museum is very impressive.  There is a lot more here than I was expecting.  Thank you.

Nice information.  We learned new things today.   Thank you! – Kansas City

Great tour!  Crystal did an amazing job.  Will definitely recommend to my friends. – Portland, OR

Lindi did a great job with story time and on the tour.  She made the tour and exhibits interesting for both kids and adults.  A wonderful day at the museum. – Chicago

Such a great tour.  Kids ages 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 – held their attention. – Elizabeth, CO

Crystal was a fantastic tour guide, very informative.  The center is an awesome treasure, we visit each time we come to Colorado.                    Robert – St. Peters, MO

Fantastic!  She made our party excellent.  My little girl turned 5 and will remember this always. – Leilani – Colo. Springs

Geri did amazing!  Very patient & exciting & engaging for our 3 yr old son.  Thank you he loves dinosaurs & you have made him even more excited to learn about them! – Alyssa

Wonderful experience.  My entire family age 6 to 42 enjoyed the tour and learned a lot.

Scott shared amazing knowledge about the casts and fossils. We really appreciated his time.  He was an incredible tour guide! Best tour ever! – Greeley, CO

Very informative and fun.  One of the best tours I have ever had, will be coming back. – Kentucky

Thank you Scott for all you help and information.  You were great! :) Also, Lindi seems to have infinite patience w/children and is very knowledgeable.  My husband and I had a blast!!! – Faith & Rory – San Antonio, TX

This was a great tour!  This was our 2nd visit and I can’t wait to come again. – Patricia – Colorado

Awesomeness – T. Ledbetter – Kansas

A wonderful tour given by Geri.  Our six year old loved it and his parents learned so much more than reading our dinosaur books.  We definitely will recommend to our east coaster friends. – Edel & Vince – Philadelphia

Loved the tour.  Could tell Lindi was very passionate about her work.  Can’t believe I’ve never been here before, will definitely be back. – Susan – Arizona

Crystal was the BEST tour guide ever! (Better than Museum of Natural History!) – Cola, South Carolina

Great tour.  Lots of interesting info. Kept the kids and adults engaged! Plenty of hands-on exhibits!! – Barbara – Milwaukee, WI

Excellent tour/superb activities for children/great exhibits, cart, storytime/from a teacher’s standpoint.  This is the best dinosaur museum I have seen.  Thank you! – Marjorie – Louisiana

Geri did an exceptional job during our tour.  Her knowledge about the subject was able to bring the past to life. I highly recommend this place to other local people and visitors. – Chris & Jaqueline – Dallas, TX

I have lived in Co. Springs for 4 yrs and I teach preschool. I have wanted to come here since the first time I ever drove by. This place is amazing and Lianna was very knowledgeable and patient with the younger children. Thank you so much!!

Came in for the kids amusement and ended up loving it.  Stephen’s enthusiasm and patience with kids, made this a great stop. –              Jason – Illinois

Very informative, lots to see and learn. I loved being able to see into the lab and watch the process first hand. – Matt

This is the coolest dinosaur museum I have been to, and I don’t say that lightly. – Rhea – Denver, CO

AMAZING! Wonderful exhibits & beautifully restored skeletons/casts for display.  Displays allow visitors to get close, something most museums don’t permit. Information incredibly helpful. One of  the best dino exhibits I’ve seen & I’ve seen many. Also my 5 year old paleontologist was completely captivated. Thank you. – Edmonds, WA

Our kids really enjoyed the museum (and counselors, too!) The hands on mixed with the talking was great.  Lindi was very knowledgeable.  We would love to come again! – Eagle Lake Day Camp

So much more information than we would have been able to get on our own.  Really interesting facts.  I enjoyed it as much as my kids (which surprised me). – Denver

Really awesome and extrodinary, I LOVE IT! – Biloxi, MS

FANTASTIC! – Gigi – Seattle, WA

Very informative. Lindi did an awesome job with adults & keeping kids very interested & involved. Our son loved it. We will most certainly be back. – Staci

Very pleased we chose this as a day’s activity, loved it. Very informative and kept sons attention. – Selena – Indiana

Just the right amount of info to display & graphic ratio.  Local origins and people increase the interest.  Varied exhibits & videos, great! – Pamela – Idaho

RAD!!! So awesome!! Thank you!!! – Japan

Great tour.  Lindi was very helpful & knowledgeable.  We are definitely coming back again. What a great visit! – Chloe – Monument, CO

Very, very, great time and rewarding visit.  Greeted warmly – guide for tour very knowledgeable and friendly. Best time I’ve had in a great while. Will return and will recommend! – LaPlante Family – Fountain, CO

Excellent tour and facility. Geri’s knowledge and passion was infectious! – Ryan – Jackson, WY

Excellent tour! Lindi is obviously very knowledgeable and her tour is very interesting. I’m very impressed and will ensure to tell my friends about your amazing work and displays.  Thank you very much! – Shiloh – Colorado Springs, CO

I’m a retired teacher. Wonderful place. Everyone in the world should see this. – Wanda

Love the museum! Enjoyed the tour, learned a lot! Definitely coming back again! Thanks! – Jazmine

What a great tour guide and museum. We would have never gotten my son William out of here. – New Jersey

Love the tour! Very well done! Learned lots, great for the kids too. Interaction with the kids was wonderful. Just the right amount of info and length! Very knowledgeable as well! – Castle Rock, CO

The best exhibit by far we have ever seen!  The info provided by the guide was fantastic and very informative. – Rafael – Kansas City, MO

I had a great time today and my students really enjoyed themselves too.  I’m sure we will be back next year. – Wildflower Elementary – Colo Springs

Great job with my kids, Cooper age 5 1/2 and Carter 4 yr.  Very interesting.  My son wants to come back this week but only here for 5 days.  Will come back in 3yrs when we return. – Ann – Montgomery, AL

I am so surprised and pleased to know this great museum is here in our midst.  Thanks! – Denver, CO

Excellent tour!  Lots of information here and learned some things we didn’t know.  Great place & organized very well. – Oklahoma

Wow! What a great guided tour!  An understatement just to say that she knows her stuff.  One of the best tours ever and we have traveled around the world. – Jerry & Mary – St. Louis

We enjoyed the tour. Great information and awesome displays. – Nash – The Netherlands

Our tour was informative & the tour guide was energetic & fun.  Great museum. So many great docents & interactive exhibits! – Anne – Co. Springs, CO

This is our 4th time to the RMDRC and we love it here. – Cassie – Co. Springs, CO

Informative tour, good length – friendly & knowledgeable guide! – San Francisco, CA

Was very impressed with the museum & how knowledgeable our guide was.  We’ll bring future guests here for sure. – Co Springs, CO

Geri gave us a wealth of knowledge.  We learned so much more by her personal tour.  I learned so much more than if I has just walked through myself.  Excellent guide & educator.  How great to come to such an important place for world museums. – Cathy – Columbus, OH

WOW!  WOW! – Dave


Very exciting and informative tour.  Lianna is very knowledgeable in her field and a great asset to your team.  The museum, tour and facility is so much more than I expected.  Thank you!! – Michael – Colorado Springs, CO

Lianna gave an excellent, informative and very friendly tour.  One of the best experiences I’ve had in Colorado so far. – Nestar – Miami, FL

We’ve been here several times.  Dexter was a fabulous “tour” guy.  He is very knowledgeable!  It really was great & we will come to you all before we’d go to Denver’s.  YES!  The gift shop is great too. –  Rex & Sheridan – Longmont, CO

Very interesting and thorough tour – guide was well versed, extremely knowledgeable, can tell she enjoys her job.  Have wanted to stop in for a few years now; am so glad I did.  Thank you – will highly recommend! – CO

We really loved it.  Our 3 children learned so much and so did my husband and I!!  The kids loved the dinosaur dig box.  The tour was excellent – we are so glad we took the time.  I am an elementary school teacher and I can benefit from this experience in my job. – Voi Family – Mooresville, IN

Our tour guide was thoroughly interesting and knowledgeable.  We are so glad we took the tour.  We will certainly recommend this museum to others. – Mr./Mrs. Cartellone

Dexter was a wonderful tour guide…knowledgeable & fun!  Very impressed by all the staff and displays. – Tillie – Colorado Springs, CO

Excellent tour.  We have been thru several others.  This is No. 1.  Will let everyone know about your location. – Paul – San Diego, CA

Freakin’ awesome. – Indiana

Great tour! This is our second visit to the museum.  We made a special trip on our way home from Yellowstone.  It was worth it. We enjoyed seeing some new fossils since last time and Lianna was a very knowledgeable, engaging guide.             – Texas

Did Amazing A+++ – Zach

Excellent tour – something my grandson and I will remember for many years. – Mississippi

The Dinosaur Resource Center is one of the highlights of our visit in Colorado. Great exibition can mess with New York, Vienna and Berlin:)  Georg & Dóri from Hungary

I feel like the Rocky Mountain Dinosaur Resource Center is the #1 dinosaur museum in the universe!  Last time I went there were so many cool dinosaurs there and over the years you’ve gotten more dinosaurs.  I look forward to seeing the RMDRC again sometime in the next few years.  I give a big thank you for being the number 1 dinosaur museum in the universe! – Cypress Oury

This museum has mad me know so much more about dinos.  If this place ever shut down I would be so bummed cause when I get older I want to take my kids here!  Awesome place!  Great job! – Kennedy (age 11) – Austin, TX

Lindi did an awesome job on our tour.  We all learned a lot!  Our 2 boys had an awesome time and we will highly recommend your museum.  The museum is outstanding and keep up the great work.  Being able to see them working on fossils is a big plus. – Jeff – Virginia

Awesome tour, very informative!  I’ve learned a lot!  Tom was great – very animated & intelligent!  Worth our trip and time here – Thank you! – Lawrence, KS

Very knowledgeable & kid friendly.   We really enjoyed the tour! This was such a great part of our vacation and we’d love to visit again! – Julie – Ohio

Amazing!  Look back in time very educational. You guys have done a wonderful job!  Cool exhibits.  Staff very knowledgeable.  Very cool!  This is the icing on my cake! – Anthony – San Antonio, TX

Fantastic display.  Great layout.  My 7 year old was enraptured!  Guide was fantastic too! – Erin – California

The museum is fascinating – the displays remarkable.  The museum came to life, however, with Geri’s narration on our tour!  We learned more in one hour than in a years class in college.  Our 6 yr old was enthralled and eager to share his new knowledge at school! – Michael – New York City, NY

So informative!  Excellent with children!  Great tour!  Great people skills! – Claire – Colorado Springs, CO

Enjoyed seeing all the changes since our last visit a couple of years ago. – Colorado Springs, CO

Thank you for the tour!  The fossil prep area is very cool to look at! – Amanda – Seattle, WA

Great tour guide!  My 3 kids loved it and my usually quiet kindergartner was very interested & participated! – Charlene – Colorado Springs, CO

Fantastic display.  Great layout.  My 7 year old was enraptured!  Guide was fantastic too! – Erin – San Jose, CA

Fantastic variety of specimens & very informative tour guide (Geri).  Hope to be back in the future to see new additions. – Georgia

I came with 4 kids, aged 2-11, and not sure they’d last the visit.  However, they absolutely loved it.  The displays are fascinating, the info pitched perfectly and the interaction generally interesting.  The best part was Crystal.  She was so enthusiastic that my 9 year old told me at the end, “I’ve now changed my life plan.  I’m going to be a fossil digger”. Thanks! – New Zealand

Stephen did an outstanding job with our Girl Scout troop.  He kept their attention and was very knowledgeable.  Great museum with great exhibits and activities. – Colorado Springs, CO

This was the most amazing dinosaur museum I’ve ever been to and everyone was so friendly! – Tahlequah, OK

Steve, our tour guide, did a masterful job of shepherding 15 lively preschoolers.  He was patient, knowledgeable and smiley.  He really hit just the right note in his interaction with the kids.  Well done!  Thanks.  –  Mantiou Springs Preschool parent

Visiting Colorado Springs from Arkansas. ” This is my best experience.” said 8yr old, David. – Arkansas

Love the dinos.  Tour guide was awesome & very knowledgeable.  Gift store had so much stuff.  Great, great visit!! – Glenwood Springs, CO

Amazing! So fun and informative!  Stellar facility and great staff.  I had a blast!  Thank you. – Brandon – UT

We liked it. It was amazing.  I hadn’t seen anything like it.  The gift shop is fun, too. – Houston, TX

Excellent tour – really learned a lot.  Fascinating displays.  Provided a very  good overview of dinosaurs and field work/lab work.  Timeline was very informative.  Family really enjoyed the tour and exhibits.  Great gift shop. – Jim

I really love your museum.  I love all the prehistoric things.  I could come every week! Love it all. – Houston, TX

Awesome! Very accommodating of young children! – New Mexico

Could not imagine a more exciting tour.  I love the real work that is done here, that makes the amazing exhibits even better.  I am so glad we came! – Kit & Peggy – Willcox, AZ

Excellent guide – very animated and engaging w/our first graders! Great group management. Exhibits were definitely brought to life by Charlotte! Enriched our studies at school as well – School field trip

Delightful & extremely informative. The museum was MUCH, MUCH better than anything in Denver.  – Scott – New Mexico

It was so freakin awesome wooo.  I love taking photos. – Josh

Thank you so much, my son had a great bday because of you guys!!! – Brittany

Excellent! Very knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. Was able to field questions and knew and provided much additional information.  Terrific!

Great tour – very fun and tons of information!  Have been to Smithsonian & saw slide show about “Dolly”, kids thought it was cool that you made it! – Janita – Fort Carson, CO

The quality & diversity of your museum absolutely astonished me.  All I know is this is the kind of place I would love to work at! See you when I am done with school! – Meg – Tampa, FL

Excellent! Very knowledgeable, friendly and helpful (Charlotte). Was able to field questions and knew and provided much additional information.  Terrific!

Great tour – very fun and tons of information!  Have been to the Smithsonian & saw slide show about “Dolly”. Kids thought it was cool that you made it! Janita – Fort Carson, CO

The quality & diversity of your museum absolutely astonished me. All I know is this is the kind of place I would love to work at!  See you when I am done with school! – Meg – Tampa, FL

Tour guide, Geri, was phenomenal, very knowledgeable, interesting and entertaining.  There is so much to see & take in.  This is the best dinosaur museum I’ve been in.  Next month the University of Utah will open it’s new Natural History Museum, will have to try real hard to beat this.                   Diana – Salt Lake City, UT

Our tour was spectacular and very informative, Lindi did a great job and we learned so much. Very enjoyable. Thanks! – Philadelphia, PA

FUN, FUN, FUN – great tour – Lindi did a great job keeping the kids interested.  Did not know this was a working museum!

Brought my 7 1/2 yr old dinosaur crazy grandson.  Stephen exhibited immense patience & knowledge. He made a memorable visit for my grandson. Thanks! – Martha

Very impressed – much more than we expected.  Amazing variety of specimens/displays – eye-opening! Wonderful educational experience for all ages. We thought it might be primarily for children, but it was definitely of great interest to adults. GREAT GUIDE! – Steve & Suzanne – Fayetteville, AR

Wonderful – we were blown away & learned a TON.  Thank you very much! – Jennifer – Fort Worth, TX

Very interesting and our tour guide was very well educated (Lyndi) & she has a great sense of humor. She kept you captivated through the whole tour.  WAY TO GO LYNDI!! – Joe – Loveland, CO

Rob was awesome. We loved the tour (everyone from adults to our children 11 yrs to 7 yrs). We learned more today than from the many “Discovery” shows that we’ve watched over the years.  Thank you!!                                         The Gate’s Family – Jacksonville, FL

Geri’s tour was so much more that I had expected – informative, educational, interesting. I could just see my grandson’s interest piqued as we toured. Thank you – Sandy – Florida

One of the most informative tours around – just wonderful. – Marsha

Rob was an amazing tour guide.  I learned so much about dinosaurs on the tour.  My baby enjoyed the story time Rob led as well.  It was our first visit and we’ll be back. – Amy – Colorado Springs

Very informative and interesting. We were in the area last year and had no idea that this museum had so many interesting things in it. Our guide was extremely knowledgeable and very patient with our chatty young son.     Erika – New Orleans

We have visited many dino exhibits, this has to be the most informative. – Kathleen – California

Rob was Great! My son said it was the best b-day ever!!  Thank you.       Belinda – Colorado Springs

Very informative and Geri kept it interesting and entertaining! As a teacher I really enjoyed the way she asked questions and made the kids think.           Kelli – Texas

Rob was very knowledgeable & charming. I had no idea that this establishment did so much and had so much! – Burlingame, CA

Was very entertaining for kids. Didn’t do tour in previous visit, was very wonderful to have a guide. Her enthusiasm was so fun! – Angela

Very educational & fun. Geri was very informative – captured my boys attention (not easy) & kept it for the whole tour.:) – Monument, CO

My husband and I really, really enjoyed the tour. I can see us coming back & bringing our friends and family. It was very informative, educational and fun learning more about the dinos. We never knew that molds were made and sold here. How “cool” is that!! Lindi is a “Great” tour guide and she really knows her stuff. Thank you again! It was worth every penny we paid to take the tour. – Lowell & Frozie

Loved the information! Our kids were very excited. Very informative & caring tour guide. – Colorado Springs

Excellent tour, presented very well and would come back next trip. – Weatherford, TX

We’ve taken our share of tours this week on vacation. Rob was the best of the best guides. He’s a great asset to your museum! – David – Sioux City, IA

I love this museum! Best dino museum ever. Love you guys!:)                  Caelum – Denver

Awesome tour guide. Lots of fun, great staff, great gift shop, just great everything! – Samm & Michael –  Colorado Springs

So different from what I expected.  Had a wonderful lesson-enjoyed so very much.  Guide was excellent. – Al – Salt Lake City, Utah

By far the best paleontological collection & museum that I have ever seen. – Ian – England

As a grandparent accompanying my childs class, I found the guided tour to be excellent!  This is our third visit and we are still learning more every time! – Cheri – Colorado Springs

One of the best museums & tours I’ve ever been on – Absolutely fantastic & most informative…will definitely return. – Canon City

It was terrific, amazing, extraordinary and fun. – Sarah – Oklahoma

Very well done!  We were impressed by the quality & quantity; kids hands on activities, the “lab area” and that RMDRC is that well known world wide. – The Stone family – Denver, CO

The tour was wonderful. The staff is extremely nice.  We will definitely come back. – Garry & Monica – Fort Collins, CO

This place is awesome even my two year old made it through the whole tour. – Ashley

Awesome birthday party! – Sue – Lochbuie, CO

Pretty awesome and baby friendly.  Always cool to see something 5x bigger than you that can tear you to pieces sitting 5 feet from your face.  My wife and baby enjoyed it although on of them fell asleep. – Colorado Springs, CO

The museum is fascinating-the displays remarkable.  The museum came to life, however, with Geri’s narration on our tour!  We learned more in an hour than in a years class in college.  Our 6 yr old was enthralled and eager to share his new knowledge at school! – Michael – New York

Very kid-friendly tour.  Thank you very much! – Woodland Park, CO

Excellent!  We must come back again and again. – Stephens family

Had no idea what all this Resource Center had to offer.  Fantastic experience and Geri kept our attention and fostered our imagination, look forward to coming back! – Janet – Lakewood, CO

Our tour guide, Crystal, has so much enthusiasm for dinosaurs, good with all sorts of questions!  I had no idea I  was going to enjoy it so much.  Thank you for allowing pictures. I live in Smithsonian “land” and never learned SO MUCH!!! – Maggie – Maryland

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