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Pikes Peak the Beautiful

Another awesome display has just been set up in the atrium. America’s Mountain also known as Pikes Peak has a long history of inspiring artists like Kathleen Lee Bates who wrote the anthem “America the Beautiful” during her visit to the top in 1893. Pikes Peak has a way of captivating tourist as well; it is the most visited mountain in North America and second in the world behind Japan’s Mount Fuji.
Pikes Peak is at it again, inspiring a new artist who is capturing the Mountain and its magnificent beauty each and every day in photographs. He simply goes by “The Pikes Peak Guy”, little is known about him except that he is on a mission to capture America’s Mountain in photographs for 365 consecutive days and writing about his amazing journey. His followers find him through his local community website www.findwoodlandpark.com, www.mypeak365.com, or on his Facebook page, both avenues are providing his project with worldwide exposure.

His photographic expeditions are reaching new heights and his popularity is growing. It is because of followers who have a special connection to America’s Mountain or for those who just enjoy his creative photographic composition paired with his journal style entries, which have admirers and fans anxiously waiting each day with great anticipation for his daily photo and post. In his posts he describes his adventures of capturing that special shot and detailing the difficulties and awe inspiring moments he encounters.
Once you start browsing through these photos, you’ll find it hard to stop so plan some time to spend on the site. We are still trying to decide on our favorite for the museum. Shaun is donating fifty dollars from each piece of his first 365 art wrapped photos sold to the Woodland Park Arts Alliance so make your purchase and support our local art community.

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