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June 1, 2017

The largest dinosaur store in Colorado is here in Woodland Park. For those shopping online, you can browse our store here.

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Nyctosaurus gracilis

Pronounced (Nic toe sore us grass sill is)             Original discovery:  O.C. Marsh, 1876 Name means:  “slender night reptile” Location found:  Gove County, Kansas Diet: Piscivore Age:  84 million years Formation: Niobrara Chalk Wingspan:  7 ft Live weight:  5 pounds Nyctosaurus is an extremely rare pterosaur, and the smallest of […]

Dromaeosaurus albertensis

Pronounced (DRO-mee-o-SAWR-us)             Dromaeosaurus albertensis is one of the rarest theropods from the American west.  They were closely related to Velociraptor but significantly larger reaching lengths in excess of 6 feet. Known only from a collection of partial skeletons, this specimen represents the latest interpretation of its anatomy.

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