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June 6, 2017

FROM THE EDUCATION DESK So many blossoms and buds bursting forth with life…I love spring! FYI: Baby Louie, the Dinosaur Orphan In the early 1990’s a 90 million year old fossilized dinosaur embryo was found among a clutch of eggs in Henan Province, in Central China. Each of the eggs measured about 18 inches long […]

May 2017 Newsletter

FROM THE EDUCATION DESK FYI: Is it a Male Dinosaur or a Female Dinosaur? According to paleontologist Jordan Mallon, the answer may not be as simple as scientists have thought. For decades paleontologists have assumed that dinosaurs exhibited sexual dimorphism. The term “sexual dimorphism” basically means that girls and boys of a species do not […]

April 2017 Newsletter

FROM THE EDUCATION DESK Spring is here! Summer is not far behind! Love to see those buds on the trees trying to blossom. FYI: Alaska and New Discoveries: The polar forests supported a diverse range of animals, from the tiniest bird-beaked predators to the state’s newest discovery, Ugrunaaluk kuukpikensis,a plant eating hadrosaur that grew as […]

March 2017 Newsletter

FROM THE EDUCATION DESK March! Does that mean that summer is almost here? I guess I am getting ahead of myself…actually we have had some very nice weather for this time of year and are so lucky to live where we do. We hope that your “almost” springtime is going well and that you will […]

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