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August 1, 2017

FROM THE EDUCATION DESK School will be starting for most of you in late August……WOW that went fast! I hope everyone had a really great summer and that you got to visit us here at the museum. FYI: Limusaurus inextricabilis…This dinosaur species had teeth as babies, but lost them as they grew and did not […]

July 2017 Newsletter

FROM THE EDUCATION DESK Can you believe that half a year is gone already? I thought last year went fast but this year is topping it! There does not seem to be enough hours in the day to get everything I want to do done. The first half of the year has been great and […]

June 2017 Newsletter

FROM THE EDUCATION DESK So many blossoms and buds bursting forth with life…I love spring! FYI: Baby Louie, the Dinosaur Orphan In the early 1990’s a 90 million year old fossilized dinosaur embryo was found among a clutch of eggs in Henan Province, in Central China. Each of the eggs measured about 18 inches long […]

May 2017 Newsletter

FROM THE EDUCATION DESK FYI: Is it a Male Dinosaur or a Female Dinosaur? According to paleontologist Jordan Mallon, the answer may not be as simple as scientists have thought. For decades paleontologists have assumed that dinosaurs exhibited sexual dimorphism. The term “sexual dimorphism” basically means that girls and boys of a species do not […]

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