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Basic Field Methods in Paleontology

trex skeleton drawingPaleontology of the Pikes Peak Region

Oct 15, Sat 9:30am-12:00pm

Paleontology has played a central role in understanding the history of the Earth. Exciting new analytical methods and fossil discoveries shed new light on the history of life, impact events, climate change, extinction events and the evolution of the planet. These topics will be examined through advances in paleontology that have been made in the Pikes Peak Region of Colorado. Everyone gets a certificate of completion, a fossil specimen and a resource CD to take home. The fee is $20.00 plus museum admission. Please bring a pen, notebook and clip board. Pre-registration is required. Call Deb at 719-686-1820 x104 to register for the class.


Rocky Mountain Dinosaur Resource Center
201 South Fairview Street
Woodland, Park, CO 80863
Register with the RMDRC by calling 719-686-1820 X104; ask for Deb.
Course fee: $20 plus admission. Class must be prepaid at registration and includes a certificate of completion and handouts.  Students need to bring a notebook, pen, and clipboard.

October 15, 2016 – (9:30am to 12:00pm)
Steven Wade Veatch
Steven Veatch is a geoscientist and an adjunct professor of Earth Science at Emporia State University in Kansas where he received an MS in Earth Science. Steve has been involved in geoscience education initiatives for over 25 years.  He has coauthored 3 books: Field Trips in the Southern Rocky Mountains, USA, Field Guide 5,  The Paleontology of the Upper Eocene Florissant Formation, Colorado, and The World’s Greatest Gold Camp: An Introduction to the History of the Cripple Creek and Victor Mining District.  Steve has also written numerous articles, essays, reviews, and monographs on geoscience topics.  His research interests include climate change, paleoecology, dinosaurs, trace fossils, mammoths, and the Ice Age (Quaternary).  Steve teaches graduate classes on geoscience courses for the Colorado School of Mines in the Special Programs and Continuing Education (SPACE) department.  Contact information:  steven.veatch@gmail.com


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