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Bambiraptor feinbergi


Discovery By: Wes Linster, 1995
Diet: Meat Eater (Carnivore)
Period: Late Cretaceous
Age: 80 million years
Formation: Two Medicine
Length: 3ft
Location of Original Specimen: American Museum of Natural History

Bambiraptor is a juvenile predator, closely related to Velociraptor. The name “Bambi” comes from the Italian word “bambino”, or “baby”. Originally discovered in 1995 by a 14 year old amateur fossil hunter, the skeleton turned out to be one of the most complete raptors ever discovered in North America, with approximately 95% of the bones present.

Bambiraptor has the largest brain compared to its body size of any dinosaur, indicating that it was one of the more intelligent animals at that time. Studies rank it’s intelligence as on par with the average modern Opossum.

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