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July 18, 2012

Orca (also called killer whales) are an excellent example of convergent evolution. While whales are mammals and mosasaurs are reptiles, they share many characteristics. Both breath air, gave live birth, must surface periodically to breathe and  descended from terrestrial ancestors. As whale and mosasaur ancestors adapted to life in the ocean, their limbs were not […]

Stellar’s Sea Cow

Steller’s sea cow was a large herbivorous marine mammal. In historical times, it was the largest member of the order Sirenia, which includes its closest living relative, the Dugong and the Manatees. Formerly abundant throughout the North Pacific, its range was limited to a single, isolated population on the uninhabited Commander Islands.  Steller’s Sea Cow […]

Dugong Dugon

Possibly the inspiration for sailors’ tales of mermaids, Dugongs are closely related to elephants and manatees.  They are similar in appearance and behavior to a manatee, though the Dugong’s tail is fluked like a whale’s. Dugongs graze on underwater grasses day and night and feeding is a principal activity of these mammals.   They can stay […]

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