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Archelon ischyros(0)

December 7, 2010

Pronounced (ARK-eh-lon) Discovery Location: South Dakota Diet: Omnivore Period: Late Cretaceous Age: 74 million years Formation: Pierre Group Width: 17 feet between flippers Location of Original Specimen: National Natural History Museum Vienna Austria The Archelon was the largest of the turtles living or extinct. This specimen is the largest and most complete ever found. Scientists […]

Tylosaurus proriger

pronounced (Tie-Low-Sore-us  Pro-Rig-er) Nick Name: “Bunker Tylosaur” Discovered By: C.D. Bunker, 1911 Discovery Location: Western Kansas Diet: Meat Eater (Carnivore) Period: Late Cretaceous Age: 83 million years Formation: Niobrara Chalk Lenght: 45 ft. Location of Original Specimen: In the Collection of The University of Kansas Museum of Natural History, Lawrence, Kansas This specimen, the largest […]

Prionochelys nauta

Pronounced (pry-on-oh-kee-leez naw-ta) Discovery Location: Central Alabama Diet: Omnivore Period: Late Cretaceous Age: 80 million years Formation: Mooreville Chalk Length: 30 in Prionochelys nauta is a member of the turtle family Toxochelyidae, one of many types of animals that lived during the late Cretaceous.  This rare specimen is from the Mooreville Chalk of Alabama.   This […]

Thalassiodracon hawkinski

Pronounced (tha-LAS-ee-o-DRAY-kon) Discovery Location: Street, Somerset, England Diet: Meat Eater (Carnivore) Period: Lower Jurassic Age: 200 million years Formation: Lower Liassic, Sinemurian Length: 6 ft Location of Original Specimen: Natural History Museum London This is a skeleton of a juvenile Thalassiodracon in ventral view. A finely preserved individual of a long-necked plesiosaur in full articulation […]

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