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Carcharodon megalodon(0)

December 7, 2010

pronounced (car-CAR-o-don  MEG-a-lo-don) Location of Specimen:  Florida Diet: Carnivore Age: 20 million years Length: 50 ft Weight: 50 tons Megalodon was the largest of the sharks, living or extinct. They lived from 20 million years ago until about 1.5 million years ago. Scientist do not know precisely why the megalodon became extinct, but it was […]

Didelphodon vorax

(die-DELL-fow-don) Discovery Location: Harding County, South Dakota Nickname: “Taz” Discovered By: Mike Triebold Diet: Omnivorous Clams and other shelled Invertebrates Period: Late Cretaceous Age: 66-65 million years old Formation: Hell Creek Lenght: 3 feet Location of Original Specimen: RMDRC, Woodland Park, CO This is the only North American mammal skeleton ever found from the late […]

Hesperornis regalis

Pronounced (HES-per-OR-nis re-GAL-is) Name Means: “Western Bird” Discovery Location: Trego County, Kansas Diet: Fish (Piscivorous) Period: Late Cretaceous Age: 83 million years Formation: Niobrara Chalk Length: 4-6 ft. Hesperornis were large flightless birds that swam in the oceans of the late Cretaceous and preyed on small fish.  It is likely that they swam and fed […]

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