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April 1, 2021

FROM THE EDUCATION DESK Can you believe Easter is almost here? I hope for all of you that it is a wonderful holiday and that you will visit us during the month of April for the fun events we are planning. FYI: A Remarkable Find Oviraptorosaurs, a type of theropod, were feathered dinosaurs with short, […]

November 2020 Newsletter

FROM THE EDUCATION DESK Last month I wrote that I could smell Fall in the air…this did not last long enough for me! It has been so cold these last few days and we got our first snow of the season. As much as I hate to see our colorful leaves disappear, we did need […]

October 2020 Newsletter

FROM THE EDUCATION DESK I can smell FALL in the air, my favorite time of the year. Love the colors, looking at the leaves, feeling autumn in the air and listening to the sound of the leaves under my shoes as I walk. Brand new month and so very nice! October 4th is International Ships […]

September 2020 Newsletter

FROM THE EDUCATION DESK Autumn is my favorite time of the year! I love the turning of the leaves and all of the different colors that come with that happening! September comes from the old Roman word “septem” meaning “seven”. In the Roman calendar it was the seventh month. A lot has happened in this […]

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