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October 1, 2018

FROM THE EDUCATION DESK Happy FALL everyone! My favorite time of the year! We all need to take some time out from our busy lives to enjoy the wonderful colors around us and to be thankful we live in this beautiful state, Colorado! FYI: Borealopelta markmitchelli This dinosaur is a species of nodosaur, a type […]

September Newsletter

FROM THE EDUCATION DESK Autumn (Sept. 22) is almost upon us and it is my favorite time of the year. Love all the colors! The kid’s are all back in school and will be looking forward to Halloween, dressing up as their favorite character and trick or treating with their friends. Do stop by the […]

August 2018 Newsletter

FROM THE EDUCATION DESK It is monsoon season now and we are having very heavy rains and hail in the afternoon for the last two weeks. We certainly need it but the flooding in parts of the city is a little worrisome. It is either feast or famine it seems. Take care and be safe! […]

July 2018 Newsletter

FROM THE EDUCATION DESK It is very hot as I write this newsletter for July…Although I love it, I do wish we had some more rain…we so need it! FYI: A cast of Dinosaur Linheraptor…the original was found when a single claw was exposed in a hillside. Technology has revolutionized science but it can’t beat […]

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