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June 1, 2018

FROM THE EDUCATION DESK Hello summer! We have had some very welcome rain for our area last week. It rained a little every afternoon while the mornings and late afternoon were sunny and beautiful. Weather report says that is probably what will happen this week also. FYI: Rare ichthyosaur found in private collection Discovered by […]

May 2018 Newsletter

FROM THE EDUCATION DESK We have had some very much needed moisture in the last week. It was not a huge amount but it did help our water supply some which was a welcome break from the dryness we have had. FYI: Rare Oviraptorosaur Dinosaur Eggs Discovered A team of paleontologists led by Lindsay Zanno […]

April 2018 Newsletter

FROM THE EDUCATION DESK Another beautiful day in Woodland Park! Take a ride and come up and see Spring just starting and of course we hope you will stop and see us here at the Dinosaur Resource Center to see what is new. Isn’t Daylight Savings Time wonderful? I am just loving it! FYI: Five […]

March 2018 Newsletter

FROM THE EDUCATION DESK Hello March, it is nice to see you! Where February went is a mystery to me! We still have not had much of a winter and as I write this the sun is shining and it is a lovely day! FYI: The digital reconstruction of the skull of a 200 million […]

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