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Denversaurus (Edmontonia) cf. schlessmani

pronounced (DEN-ver-SAWR-us)

Nickname:  “Tank”
Discovery Location:  Niobrara County, Wyoming
Diet: Herbivore
Period:  Late Cretaceous
Age:  66 million years
Formation:  Lance Formation
Length:  18 ft
Location of Original Specimen:  Hayashibara Museum of Natural Sciences in Okayama, Japan

A large armored dinosaur of the Nodosaur family, this is the most derived of its kind. It was part of the subtropical fauna of the deltas of the Western Interior Seaway during the late Cretaceous period. A very rare dinosaur, this cast is made from the most complete skeleton on record, which included over 100 preserved dermal plates and a virtually complete skull. Its primary antagonist was T.rex, from which its broad body and numerous armored plates offered significant protection.

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