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Dolichorhynchops bonneri


Nickname: “Dolly”
Discovery Location: Wyoming & South Dakota
Diet: Marine animals (carnivore)
Period: Late Cretaceous
Age: 80 Million years old
Formation: Pierre Shale Formation
Length: 15 ft
Location of Original Specimen(s): University of Kansas Natural History Museum

This is a rare short-necked plesiosaur related to the famous Elasmosaurus. This composite skeleton measures about 5 meters long, with a paddle span of over 4 meters. The skull and skeleton are based on nearly complete specimens.

The original of this specimen is in the collection of the University of Kansas Natural History Museum (KUVP 40001, 40002). It was found in the Pierre Shale at the Wyoming-South Dakota border, dating it at approximately 80 million years old.

This marine reptile was a Cretaceous speedster, with large powerful limbs that gave it tremendous maneuverability and speed. It went extinct at the end of the Cretaceous and left no living relatives.

It belongs to the family Polycotylidae, which were some of the last great plesiosaurs in the North American seaway.

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