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History of RMDRC

We have a marvelous world class museum here in Woodland Park. We feature an awe-inspiring display of dinosaurs, prehistoric marine reptiles, pterosaurs and fish of North America’s late Cretaceous period. The fossil skeletons on display are supplemented with vibrant graphics and life-restoration sculptures to help you visualize these fascinating animals in life and the environments in which they lived. Visitors can read the stories of the discovery of each specimen and see a working fossil laboratory where important recently discovered paleontological specimens are being freed from their rock matrix and undergoing restoration. In addition we have a children’s area where they can brush off fossils in our dig box, there are books to read, a magnetic board for them to make their own imaginative dinosaur, a rubbing station where they can take home their colorful drawings of dinosaurs and a fun and informative movie for the whole family to watch together. We also have a second movie which is 9 minutes long and gives you an overview of what we do out in the field. We have tours, which are included with your admission, all during the day. The tours are about 1 hour long and excellent for the entire family. If you are in town and have a birthday at the time, we offer great party packages with the Dinos in our atrium, please call ahead to book a party. Prehistoric Paradise is the regions largest dinosaur gift shop and is always free to visit.


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