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May 2018 Newsletter


We have had some very much needed moisture in the last week. It was not a huge amount but it did help our water supply some which was a welcome break from the dryness we have had.


Rare Oviraptorosaur Dinosaur Eggs Discovered

A team of paleontologists led by Lindsay Zanno from the North Carolina Museum of Natural Science found more than eight football sized oviraptorosaur eggs from sediments deposited around 97 million years ago. This is a site that also contained evidence of ancient trees that once lined the river bank where the dinosaur parents-to-be sat roosting on their nests.

An Oviraptor looked like an overgrown cassowary, complete with a half-moon shaped crest on the head, toothless beak, long feathers on the arms and a broad tail-feather fan similar to a turkey.








Hundreds of oviraptorosaur nests are known from China and Mongolia, yet only two fragmentary eggs have been definitely described from North America until now. Zanno added that it was very exciting to find these eggs since it was the first time they have been found on the North American continent.

The egg clutch had to be airlifted from a cliff in Utah, then laid carefully into the bed of a truck-drawn trailer to be taken back to North Carolina where museum visitors can now watch the preparation of the eggs behind glass walls. Aaron Giterman is the chief fossil preparator for the eggs.

Geri Lebold
Education Director

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