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May 2019 Newsletter


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FYI: The “Jurassic Mile”

The London Natural History Museum will work with teams from the US and Holland in an area of Wyoming known as the Jurassic Mile, where expeditions have already uncovered the fossilized bones of two giant creatures—a brachiosaurus and a diplodocus—along with about 600 more fossils and with more expected to be found. Drone footage has identified many more potential dig sites along with dinosaur footprints and fossils from plants and other creatures.

A huge dinosaur footprint, with wheelbarrow for scale, in Jurassic Mile, Wyoming

The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis will coordinate the project that will bring over 100 scientists from the U.S. and Europe on a three month dig at a newly discovered site in the Bighorn Basin of northern Wy. The site is on a square mile of private ranchland outside of Cody, about 100 miles east of Yellowstone National Park. The southern part of the Morrison Formation, which includes Dinosaur National Monument, has been well studied, the northern part could still hold a lot of secrets and may yield different dinosaurs than the southern area—perhaps animals that have never been seen before. The cost of this project will be $27.5 million. Prof. Phil Manning and Dr. Victoria Egerton will act as lead researchers with a team of more than 100 experts joining them in this project called “Mission Jurassic”. The dig team will work through a range of ancient environments, including a river and floodplain setting, and another that appears to record a marine history. They are interested in everything that’s living alongside the dinosaurs in order to build up a complete picture of that ecosystem. Things like ancient crocodiles, lizards, turtles, fish, clams and plants. Many specialists in these areas will be on the dig so they can hopefully get a more complete picture.

This is a snapshot in time of what the Jurassic would have looked like. “If you were to invent a perfect site which allows you to interpret the Jurassic, this would be that site,” said Phil Manning.

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