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Pachycephalosaur wyomingensis


Nickname: “Sandy”
Discovered By: Mike Triebold, 1994
Discovery Location: Harding County, South Dakota
Diet: Plants & Animals (Omnivore)
Period: Late Cretaceous
Age: 66 million years
Formation: Hell Creek
Length: 9 ft
Location of Original Specimen: Carnegie Museum of Natural History, Pittsburgh, PA

The first thing that you will notice about this animal is its thickened dome shaped skull and hornlets. It basically had a football helmet for a skull, and some paleontologists think that it would butt heads with other Pachycephalosaurs in competition over mates and territory.

For almost 100 years only a few skull specimens were the only things discovered from this animal. The specimen you see standing represents the first specimen ever found with both a skull and a partial skeleton. The first Pachycephalosaur skull was found in eastern Montana in 1943. Since that time, only 3 other semi-complete skulls have been discovered.

Pachycephalosaurs were probably herbivores for the most part, but may have eaten small lizards, snakes, or mammals if the opportunity presented itself.

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