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For more dino information try some of these sites:

Triebold Paleontology, Inc.
Location: Woodland Park, CO
Phone: 719-686-1820 x108
Email: mike@trieboldpaleontology.com
Operating out of the Rocky Mountain Dinosaur Resource Center (RMDRC) in Woodland Park, Colorado, Triebold Paleontology, Inc. provides cast skeletons for sale or to rent, and have three traveling exhibitions available for booking.
Whether your institution is looking for a previously undescribed species or if you are a collector interested in adding a superior specimen, we can assist you.  If you need it excavated, documented, prepared, restored, reconstructed, molded, cast, mounted or marketed, contact us!

Bosco’s Rockpile
A place to share dinosaur, geology and paleontology sites, photos, information and links.

Dinosaur Digs/Tours Paleo Adventures
Location: Belle Fourche, SD
Phone: 605-892-2634
Email: stein151@earthlink.net
Join Bill Stein, RMDRC’s former curator, at The Raptor’s Nest Inn for a dinosaur dig!

Dinosaur Central
Dinosaur Central’s free key features include a searchable dinosaur database, dinosaur movie guide, downloadable dinosaur images, dinosaur drawing guide, new dinosaur species list, dinosaur video portal, special creature spotlight, dinosaur news, a weekly history section and dinosaur product reviews (including Dinosaur DataDig, our own in-house designed reference software).

Dinosaur Planet
Way cool dinosaur site by the Discovery Channel.

Friends of Dinosaur Ridge
Location: Morrison, CO
Phone: 303-697-3466
The Friends of Dinosaur Ridge is a 501c3 non-profit group established to protect the natural resources of the hogback west of Denver and to inform visitors of the area’s geologic, prehistoric, historic, and natural features.

Jurassic Tours, Inc.
Location: Hotchkiss, CO
Phone: 970-872-3959
Email: fun@jurassictours.com

Luis V. Rey / Paleo Artist
Email: luisrey@ndirect.co.uk
Mixed media painting, nature illustration, paleontological research

Museum of the Earth at the Paleontological Research Instiution
Location: Ithaca, New York
A natural history museum where exhibits include dinosaur and other fossil material from all eras of geologic time.

Prehistoric Planet
Dinosaur news and more.

Todd Marshall / Paleo Artist
Email: toddsmarshall@earthlink.net
Fantastic artistry featuring creatures/characters and paleo-illustration. Many pieces are featured at the RMDRC.

Paleo Magazine

Paleo Diet – What is Paleo?

The notion of “Paleo” as a diet and lifestyle descriptor developed from the study of evolutionary biology, and the assimilation of ancestral foodways from around the globe. With a commitment to good science, rigorous research, epidemiological studies and plenty of anecdotal evidence to boot, “Paleo” has evolved from a little-known nickname for a prehistoric era to a diet and lifestyle template that is sweeping the nutrition scene, helping to reinvigorate the health and happiness of millions of people.


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