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Stygimoloch spinifer


Nickname: “Stiggy”
Discovery Location: Montana
Diet: Plants and Animals (Omnivore)
Period: Late Cretaceous
Age: 66 million years
Formation: Hell Creek
Length: 10 ft

Stygimoloch, known as the “spiny river devil,” is a member of the pachycephalosaurid family of dinosaurs, which is the same family of dinosaurs that includes the better-known Pachycephalosaurs. This dinosaur was smaller and had a skull that was not quite as thick as the Pachycephalosaurus. The domed skull was adorned with large spikes and multiple clusters of smaller nodes.

Stygimoloch is an interesting dinosaur for several reasons. Although it lived in the late Cretaceous, it had a number of primitive characteristics such as five fingers. Stygimoloch had leaf shaped teeth in the back of its mouth, but the front of the mouth was filled with sharp incisors similar to a carnivore. This dinosaur was possibly an omnivore due to its differentiated teeth.

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