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August 2017 Newsletter

FROM THE EDUCATION DESK School will be starting for most of you in late August……WOW that went fast! I hope everyone had a really great summer and that you got to visit us here at the museum. FYI: Limusaurus inextricabilis…This dinosaur species had teeth as babies, but lost them as they grew and did not […]

October 2015 Newsletter

Hopefully you all have come to see our exciting new discovery Ava . Finding a new species like Ava is rare and a once in a lifetime opportunity to see something nobody’s ever seen before. Ava’s nearly complete skeleton with a size comparison. Ava was originally discovered in 2012 in Montana’s Judith River formation and […]

September 2015 Newsletter

FROM THE EDUCATION DESK The kid’s are back in school and you just might have a little free time to do a few things you did not get a chance to do during the busy summmer. Why not come and see what is new at the museum, take a tour, walk leisurely through all the […]

July 2015 Newsletter

June was such a fun and exciting month at our museum and July is looking just as exciting. FYI: A relative of Triceratops A newly described horned dinosaur with peculiar ornamentation has been found by paleontologists to be a close relative of Triceratops. It had a longer nose horn than Triceratops and two small horns […]

June 2015 Newsletter

FROM THE EDUCATION DESK Forty three fossilized dinosaur eggs have been discovered earlier this month by construction workers in the city of Heyuan in south China’s Guangdong province. The city is known as “the hometown of the dinosaur”. Du Yanli, a local archeologist, said that 19 of the eggs had been found intact. More than […]

May 2015 Newsletter

FROM THE EDUCATION DESK Spring is coming! I just know it is! I saw tiny green buds on some of my trees, I love when the seasons change. Let me start off by wishing all you Mom’s out there “Happy Mother’s Day”. Come celebrate part of your day with us. Expedition will Sample Crater An […]

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