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With over 30 specimens and a number of hands on exhibits, your class will be given the latest dinosaur information from the people who find them!  To schedule a School Tour, please call 719-686-1820 x3488.  School Tour must be scheduled at least 1 week in advance.

School Tours Pricing

Students Over 5 yrs Old:         $5.00 each
Students Under 5 yrs Old:        $3.50
Additional Adults:    $8.00 each
Chaperones:  1 free adult per 10 students and transportation drivers are free.

Guided tour lasts approximately 1 hour and includes:

– Explore our fabulous dinosaur exhibits,
– Understand what a Paleontologist does,
– Discover how fossils are formed and preserved,
– Identify what makes a dinosaur a dinosaur,
– Learn where fossils are found,
– See what lived in the oceans 65 million years ago.
– And see fossils prepared in our lab!
– Teachers can download a pre-tour packet that includes dinosaur and museum background information, pre-tour teacher activity guides with student activities for all ages
– All students and teachers are welcome to shop in the Prehistoric Paradise Gift Store following the tour. We ask that only 8 students at a time shop.  The gift store has many items starting at 50 cents and up.

Pre Tour Downloads
RMDRC Pre-Tour Information
Dinosaur Name Tags

Activity Guides

We have put together some really fun and, of course, educational, dinosaur related activities to use is your classroom. Feel free to use these and give us your feedback to info@rmdrc.com.

K-3 Activities
The Extinction Game
Fossil Molds and Casts
Mineral Properties
Name That Dinosaur
What is a Dinosaur
What Time Is It

Grades 4-8
Making a Fossil
Vocabulary Word Search

Grades 9-12
Tracking the Dinosaurs
Geologic Time Scale

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