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We are coming close to wrapping up another field season at TPI and have made some exciting discoveries so far this summer.  We have had so much luck in the chalk, it has been difficult to find time to make it northward into dinosaur territory.  If you happen to be among our Facebook friends, you’ve been catching the news as it has developed.  Just last weekend, Mike about sat on a mosasaur rib peeking out from a chalk bank.  It was the very first tidbit to erode out so this specimen has the potential to be immaculate!

sas marinersThe Mariners’ Museum in Newport News, VA is hosting Savage Ancient Seas for a little longer.  We can hardly wait to announce the next venue and the new components that will travel with the specimens, graphics, and hands-on exhibits. Our newest traveling exhibit, Darwin and Dinosaurs, will be on the road soon too.  We are proud to present one of the largest collections of genuine Darwin artifacts ever assembled in this exhibition!

raptor claw
The Dinosaur Sanctuary “Raptor” collection has been updated for your online viewing & shopping pleasure. Have a look at our selection of isolated Late Cretaceous fossil teeth and bones from Troodon, Saurornitholestes, Dromaeosaurus, and Paronychodon.  Keep watching DinosaurSanctuary.com for further updates of our other genuine fossil specimens for sale.

If you happen to be in the Woodland Park area, we will be celebrating Earth Science Week October 12th-18th.  Also, world-class magician, Inspector Magic, will be leading a magical journey to the center of the earth at the RMDRC followed by a costume contest on Saturday, October 25th.

ct scan
We made the news again recently as we ran a couple of important specimens through a CT scanner to get a better look at and reconstruct bone surfaces inside the fossils.  You can find these news reports on our website.  While we’re on the subject of video, we continue to add videos on our new YouTube channel as well if you want to take a cinematic look at our specimens.

With that, it’s time to go find more.  We’ll keep you posted!  To keep up with the latest news from Triebold Paleontology, Inc. and all of our exciting fossil-related discoveries, become our Facebook Friend on our new page:

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Thanks for taking a moment to catch up with us.  We’ll keep in touch!

Michael Triebold
Triebold Paleontology, Inc.

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