Tylosaurus proriger

Enormous mosasaurs from the Western Interior Seaway.

TPI is proud to offer two exquisite specimens of this enormous species. Our largest mosasaur, the "Bunker" specimen from the Niobrara Chalk of western Kansas is the largest complete tylosaur skeleton known. The original specimen comes from the vertebrate paleontology collection at the University of Kansas. Our slightly smaller but even more impressive "Sophie" specimen features one of the best preserved Tylosaurus skulls known as well as a number of traces left by sharks and other mosasaurs.

  • Locality: Kansas & Texas
  • Formation: Niobrara Chalk & Taylor Group
  • Bunker specimen Length: 13.7m (45 feet)
  • Sophie specimen Length: 12.8m (42 feet)

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Tylosaurus proriger
Tylosaurus proriger