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Tyrannosaurus rex

Pronounced (TY-RAN-NO-SAU-RUS REX)

Discovered: 1987
Discovery Location: Harding County, South Dakota
Diet: Meat Eater (Carnivore)
Period: Late Cretaceous
Age: 66 million years
Formation: Hell Creek
Length: 40 ft

One of the largest meat-eating land animals, T. rex is arguably the most popular and most controversial of all dinosaurs. The first T. rex parts were discovered in 1892. Today, there have been more than 35 specimens of Tyrannosaurus rex located and this skeleton is one of the largest and most complete on record.

T. rex was fast and deadly, killing with its bone-crushing teeth and the phenomenal force of its bite. Scavenger? Possibly, but even the most vicious carnivores will take an opportune meal when they come across one. Tyrannosaurus had a huge 5-foot skull with powerful jaws lined with 10-inch teeth.

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