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September 10, 2014 • About Us, Events

Upcoming events….please check back often for more detailed updates! NOTE: Calendar subject to change. Please check again prior to attending an event. 2014 Sep 27, Sat 11:00-3:00…Challenger Learning Center…The Challenger Learning Center will be bringing their Stellar Partial Planetarium for an exciting space filled day with the Family. Each show is approximately 25-30 minutes long.  […]

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RMDRC Curator, Anthony Maltese

  Welcome to the RMDRC’s paleo lab blog. We’re a working preparation, molding, casting and mounting lab in Woodland Park, Colorado. This blog is intended to give you a glimpse at more of the projects we’re working on both here and in the field than what we’re able to show in the monthly newsletter. Constructive […]


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dromeosaurus plaque_black

Pronounced (DRO-mee-o-SAWR-us)             Dromaeosaurus albertensis is one of the rarest theropods from the American west.  They were closely related to Velociraptor but significantly larger reaching lengths in excess of 6 feet. Known only from a collection of partial skeletons, this specimen represents the latest interpretation of its anatomy.


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apato set up 7

Fork and scissor lifts carefully placed skeletal pieces of an Apatosaurus Friday at the Rocky Mountain Dinosaur Resource Center in Woodland Park. This giant 3D skeleton stretches 80 feet long and stands 17 feet high in the atrium of the RMDRC. The Apatosaurus is only one of over 30 specimens on exhibit at the center.  […]

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Very bright, interesting, informative, interactive AMAZING!  We will be back! – Paula – Missouri Best money I spent on the entire trip.  Fantastic guide.  Thank you for a wonderful day. – North Carolina Very good guide, tour was very interesting & entertaining.  Just the right amount of technicality. – St. Louis, MO I loved the […]

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