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About Us

The Dinosaur Resource Center was established in 2004 as part of Triebold Paleontology INC.. We offer a variety of museum related services including fossil mounting, molding and casting, 3D scanning and printing, traveling exhibits, and more. Come visit us at our museum, the Rocky Mountain Dinosaur Resource Center in Woodland Park, Colorado, today.


Our Story

Mike Triebold founded his fossil collecting and exhibits company, Triebold Paleontology INC., in 1989 seven years after he began to seriously pursue fossil collecting. The company quickly became recognized as providing some of the highest quality prepared fossil specimens in the industry with exhibits created for institutions around the world.


Since its founding, the company has rapidly expanded to offer everything from industry leading 3D scanning and printing services, traveling exhibits, and a giftshop division among other projects. In 2004 the Dinosaur Resource Center was opened in Woodland Park, Colorado, to provide a public showcase of TPI's work.


Mike begins serious collecting fossils.


Triebold Paleontology INC. is established as a fossil collecting and exhibits company.


Mike discovered the first Pachycephalosaurus specimen with a body, with about 50% of the bones present.


Mike discovered the world's first and only complete, intact skeleton of Protosphyraena pernicosa.


The Dinosaur Resource Center is founded in Woodland Park, Colorado.


Mike discovered the first Lancian mammal skeleton, Didelphodon.


The TPI field team discovered a large juvenile T. rex specimen, dubbed Valerie.

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